Coordinated Family Services

The Creative Minds ADP Inc. Coordinated Family Support (CFS) is provided to adult service recipients, 18 years old and older, that are served by the regional center and reside in their family home.

Through individualized person-centered planning, the team identifies goals and objectives specific to the service recipient and service recipient’s circle of support.

Some areas of discussion include:

  • Support(s) needed to successfully reside in the family home
  • Continuity of care provider
  • Emergency protocol
  • Future planning
  • Establishing and maintaining Independence

The CFS team assists and trains service recipients and their circle of support on generic resources, regional center services, and other community resources.

The CFS program is unique in its approach as it is centered around the service recipient but is understanding that the circle of support also will require training to establish a baseline knowledge of services and diagnoses.

Key areas Description
Scheduling of services Assist with scheduling of service delivery including medical and other appointments
Training / Education    Coordinate consistency in training specific to the needs of the service recipient and their family. Educate service recipientes and family on service receipts diagnoses.
Backup support Identifying backup providers/supports and providing those backup
Maximize independence Providing training to the consumer which maximizes their independence i.e., travel training.
Additional resources Additional information or resources on diagnosis and identified supports.
Futures planning Provide futures planning for the consumer, including those living with aging caregivers.

For more information about our Coordinated Family Services program or to inquire about enrollment, please contact us at:

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