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Welcome to Creative Minds ADP, a leading organization dedicated to empowering individuals with developmental disabilities and promoting their independence and well-being. At Creative Minds ADP, we believe in a person-centered approach, ensuring that individuals with disabilities are at the forefront of decision-making and given opportunities to make choices about their own lives.

Our goal is to maximize independence for individuals with disabilities. Through our comprehensive programs and services, we provide the necessary support and resources to help them develop essential life skills, increase self-sufficiency, and actively participate in their communities.

“I enjoy coming to Creative Minds. All my friends are here and the staff is very nice.”

~ Mike

From adult day programming to transportation services, paid internship programs, competitive integrated employment, independent living skills instruction, supported living services, and money management services, our wide range of offerings address various aspects of individuals’ lives, promoting holistic development and well-being.

Community integration is at the heart of what we do. We emphasize the importance of individuals practicing their skills in real-world settings, engaging in community activities, and building meaningful relationships. This approach fosters social inclusion and a sense of belonging, enhancing the overall quality of life for our participants.

Our experienced and dedicated team consists of professionals who are passionate about working with individuals with developmental disabilities. From program directors to instructors and administrators, our team is committed to providing high-quality support and guidance to help individuals reach their goals. We recognize that every individual is unique, with their own strengths, interests, and needs. As such, our programs and services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of each participant, ensuring personalized attention and support.

As a vendored organization, we meet the necessary quality standards and regulations. Through our paid internship programs and competitive integrated employment initiatives, we empower individuals with disabilities to gain vocational experience, develop job skills, and pursue long-lasting careers. We collaborate with employers to find suitable placements and facilitate a smooth transition into the workforce.

Our focus on independence and self-sufficiency extends to our independent living and supported living services. We provide instruction and training in essential life skills, such as transportation, cooking, budgeting, and self-determination, enabling individuals to become self-sufficient and maintain their freedom.

At Creative Minds ADP, we are dedicated to enhancing the value, dignity, and quality of life for individuals with developmental disabilities. Through our programs, services, and ongoing advocacy, we strive to create a more inclusive and empowering environment where every individual can thrive.

Join us on this transformative journey, where together, we can create a brighter future for individuals with developmental disabilities.

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